[Download] Kevin King – Freedom Ticket

[Download] Kevin King – Freedom Ticket

[Download] Kevin King – Freedom Ticket | 22 GB

[Download] Kevin King – Freedom Ticket


8 weeks training, 2-4 hours each week of instruction, 60+ videosInteractive studio & classroom videos filmed live – not boring slides15 REAL – not demo account – over-the-shoulder computer walkthroughs (you will see some of Kevin’s real live products) Downloadable beautiful main point summary slides for each module Written notes (English) in PDF format for each module to download Weekly Live Q&A webinars – yes replays will be available BONUS modules released throughout to help you get an edge BONUS downloads depending on your account type and progress

All 8 sections and 60 Modules of Amazon A to Z (21 hours of training)
( VALUE $4,999.00 )

BONUS 1: Product Evaluation & Cashflow Spreadsheets
( VALUE $299.00 )

BONUS 2: 15 Additional downloads to supplement the training
( VALUE $199.00 )

BONUS 3: How to Sell on eBay using Amazon in 10 minutes or less
( VALUE $199.00 )

BONUS 4: How to verify your supplier is giving you a fair price
( VALUE $199.00 )

BONUS 5: Private Freedom Ticket Facebook Group access

BONUS 6: 3 months of weekly Q&A Webinars with Kevin (13 weeks)
( VALUE $1,937.00 )

BONUS 7: Access to Live Product Selection & Keyword Research Webinar
( VALUE $297.00 )


Sale Page: https://freedomticket.com/

Price : $ 2997




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