DF iClipboard 4.0.1 person /size /color + download from depositfiles.com, extabit.com

DF iClipboard 4.0.1 person /size /color

iClipboard 4.0.1 Mac Os X 29 MB MB
iClipboard automatically keeps a history of everything you copy to the clipboard from any application. You can then paste any clipping from the history five different ways: 1) the Shelf on the side of the screen; 2) the special menu in the menu bar; 3) the Rapid-Fire hot key; 4) the Services menu; or 5) the ALL-NEW Paste Blaster. The choice is yours
Why is iClipboard the most practical clipboard manager for Mac? Here’s 35 reasons
Automatically captures clippings from the system clipboard
Preview clippings (text, images, movies, web, audio, files)
Store clippings in unlimited projects you create
Paste a clipping into any application with one click
Turn ON/OFF the clipboard recorder with one click
Delete individual clippings from the history
User-defined sounds for grabbing and pasting
Quick Look previews show contents of files
Copy content from any application with one click
Clear the history at any time with a single click
Ignore clippings larger than a user-specified size
Edit text and web clippings directly from the Shelf
Auto-records the origin of the clipping (document app)
Access the history directly from the menu bar of any application
Paste rich text clippings as plain text by holding down Shift
Rapid-Fire hot key to quickly paste multiple clippings at once
Five Shelf height settings: auto, user, small, medium, large
Double-click clippings in the Shelf to paste them
Exclude applications that you don’t want to record
Special hot key quickly opens and closes the Shelf
Name your clippings for easier identification
Use the Services menu to paste any clipping in any app
Lock individual clippings entire projects to prevent auto-removal
Drag content from any app to the Shelf to record
Move or copy clippings to any project
Select multiple clippings at once for moving, deletion, pasting
Owners of SOHO Notes can create notes from clippings
Each captured clipping is date and time stamped
Unobtrusive Shelf slides out from side of screen
Shelf can be set up to automatically hide
Position the Shelf on the screen (left, right/top, center, bottom)
Dynamically adjust the width of the Shelf
Limit history by date or quantity (e.g. 2 weeks, 50 clippings)
Use the Paste Blaster to quickly paste a clipping using a hot key
Turn On/Off the Shelf independently from other options
Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Version 4.0.1
Added compatibility with TextExpander
Added a lock icon to clippings in the Shelf that belong to a locked project
Improved the alert that appears when deleting clippings to point out the locked clippings that won’t be deleted
Fixed problem where clippings in a locked project could sometimes be deleted
Fixed problem where clippings in a locked project could sometimes be moved to a different project
Fixed problem pasting clippings as plain text wherein some clippings weren’t pasted when they should be
Fixed problem where locked clippings in a version 3 or earlier database would sometimes be deleted when the database was converted to version 4 due to the limit preference
Fixed problem where a "A project must be assigned to the transaction" message would appear after a clipping is added to the history

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